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Student Portal Login Change

Effective immediately 

Students will log into the Campus portal by clicking on the button titled "Student Login - Use LPS email and password".  The student password is now the same as the password used to access your school Email.  Click here for additional information.

Q:  As a student, do I still use the same username?

A:  Your portal username is your Littleton Public Schools email address (Example:

Q:  What is my password into the Campus portal?

A:  Your portal password is the same as your Littleton Public Schools email password.

Q:  As a parent, has my login into the Campus portal changed?

A:  There are no changes to parent accounts.  Continue to use the same username and password that you have been using.

Q:  As a student, I don't remember my email password.  How do I find out what my password is?

A:  Ask your teacher to help you with your password.

Q:  The mobile app that I am using, no longer works.  What should I do?

A:  You are using the old mobile Portal app.  Please uninstall the old app, go to the Apple or Android app store to download the Infinite Campus student app.

More information about the Campus Mobile App, click here.


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